Becoming a Member of the WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network

Membership in the WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network is open to all schools and districts in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties.

What are the benefits of joining the WSVMI Math Network?

The benefits of membership include:
  • Access to the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative website and its resources for all teachers in the school or districts, including over 800 California State Standards-aligned mathematics performance tasks for grades K through high school in Spanish and English, with rubrics, scored and unscored examples of student work, and historical assessment data, as well as other resources like Problems of the Month, classroom video clips, and lesson planning resources.
  • Access to the WSVMI Summer Mathematics PD Institute
  • Access to academic year follow-up math teacher PD seminars
  • Access to Math Leadership Network meetings for school or district instructional leaders in mathematics
  • Optional participation in the annual Mathematics Assessment Collaborative performance task assessment given each March
  • MAC data analysis services from Educational Data Systems
  • Supplemental mathematics professional development services at a discounted rate

What is the philosophical grounding behind the WestEd/SVMI Math Network?

WSVMI's approach to teacher PD is grounded in proven, research-backed strategies vetted by respected professional organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and respected mathematics education researchers including Alan Schoenfeld, Jo Boaler, Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, Deborah Ball, Heather Hill, and others.

Our beliefs about mathematics teaching and learning include:
  • All students can learn math at a high level.
  • All teachers can teach math deeply and well.
  • Teachers are intelligent, caring, creative professionals.
  • Teachers need support and trust from administrators and other instructional leaders.
  • Quality math learning requires quality math teaching; the teacher is the single greatest factor in student learning.
  • Quality math learning requires quality tasks and materials.
  • Ongoing, collaborative, content-focused, practice-based professional learning is necessary to put the pieces together.

Frameworks around which much of our PD work is developed include:

What is the research base supporting WestEd/SVMI Math Network's approach?

Our theory of action is informed by research. The single greatest factor of student learning is teaching (Darling-Hammond, 1999; Hamre and Pianta, 2005), thus a fundamental aim of the WestEd/SVMI Math Network is to help teachers craft learning environments in which all students are positioned to engage fully with central mathematical content. For that reason, our approach to professional development is to develop mathematically powerful classrooms taught by highly trained professionals who support every student through engagement, access, and high expectations.  In partnership with the Silicon Valley Math Initiative, WSVMI is fostering mathematics education to develop the next generation of problem solvers.

What is the cost of membership?

The cost of an annual membership is dependent on the size of the student population served by a school or district. For most medium-sized school districts, the cost is $8,200 per year. Please contact us for a quote for your school or district.

How can my school or district fund our membership?

Many districts use Title I or II funds to pay their membership fee. Others are using LCAP funds for their membership fees. Depending on your local goals, WSVMI membership could fall into Priority #2, 3, or 8.

  • Priority 2: Implementation of State Standards: WSVMI can provide teacher professional development focused on integrated mathematics and literacy instruction using research-based routines to support English language development and a deeper understanding of mathematics. 
  • Priority 3: Parental Involvement: WSVMI can design and assist your LEA with Family Math Nights to strengthen the relationship between home and school. All of SVMI’s MAC/MARS performance tasks are available in both English and Spanish. Additionally, we have Problems of the Month in Spanish. 
  • Priority 8: Pupil Outcomes: SVMI’s MAC/MARS Tasks, Problems of the Month, and Formative Re-engagement Lessons are great curricular resources being utilized in your schools to assist your teachers with identifying students’ strengths and misconceptions.

If your LEA is using Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI²) or MTSS to encompass both RtI² and PBIS, then the use of SVMI resources including the annual MAC/MARS summative exam in the spring would be an additional measure your LEA could use to report progress in your LCAP.

Background and History of SVMI

The Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) mission is to improve mathematics instruction and student learning for social justice—deepening conceptual understanding, valuing students’ culture, developing their agency, and reducing prejudice and oppression. The SVMI has a twenty-two year history of creating networks of schools, districts and educational institutions to support improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics for ALL students in grades PK - 12.

SVMI began in 1996 with funding from the Noyce Foundation, engaging district leaders, math coaches and teachers in 23 public school districts in Silicon Valley in year-round professional development. Its efforts included designing a formative performance assessment system, creating a large bank of math curricular resources and shared technical support, and supporting lesson study efforts across the SVMI network. The network grew to over 60 school districts by 2009. Despite moving from external support to a fee basis at that point, the strong relationships among the network partners resulted in the SVMI network growing at a fast rate. SVMI now has more than 160 member districts across California, Illinois, Georgia, and New York and is totally self-sustaining.

To become a member, please complete our online membership application here.

For further information, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!