The WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network professional development and leadership development events listed below are open to teachers, leaders, coaches, and administrators in member school districts. More details about each type of event can be found at

2021 – 2022 Events

Summer Math Institutes

We hope to return to in-person PD events very soon. For now, we will continue to host online mathematics PD opportunities for teachers and leaders, including this year's Summer Math Institute virtually, making use of a combination of online, offline, synchronous, and asynchronous activities in order to bring you the rich, high-quality, interactive professional learning experiences you've come to expect from WSVMI.

The 2021 Summer Math Institute will be held July 26-29 (Monday-Thursday). 

The summer's theme will be “Open Math Tasks, Learning Recovery, and Fulfilling the Promise of the New California Math Framework.”  Sessions will be designed to  address topics that are top of mind for teachers and leaders as they navigate the return to in-person or hybrid math instruction, including:

  • What are the most effective, research-supported strategies for supporting students’ math learning recovery?
  • How can open math tasks be used to support rigorous math learning recovery that balances procedural fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving skills?
  • What is in the newly revised California Math Framework, and how can we ensure alignment with 2021-2022 learning recovery plans?

To Attend:

  • WSVMI Math Network Members--Please contact if you have not received registration information.
  • Non-members--Please contact visit our Benefits of Membership page, or contact to discuss setting up a membership for your school or district. We would love to have you!

Math Teacher PD Seminars

Math Teacher PD Seminars are held four times during the school year (usually September, November, January, and February/March). For now, we are planning to host 2021-2022 PD Seminars virtually. We hope to return to in-person events very soon!

Seminars are targeted at classroom teachers in grades K-12 and address key topics such as understanding the California State Mathematics Standards, selecting and implementing meaningful mathematics tasks, creating a productive classroom mathematics culture, formative and summative assessment, meeting the needs of diverse learners, and access and equity.

2021-2022 Teacher PD Seminars will be held:

  • Wednesday, September 15th (4-6pm) & Saturday, September 18th (9-11am), 2021
  • Saturday, November 13th (9-11am) & Wednesday, November 17th (4-6pm), 2021
  • Thursday, January 27th (times TBA), 2022
  • Thursday, March 10th (times TBA), 2022

Math Leadership Network meetings

Math Leadership Network (MLN) meetings are held four times during the school year (usually the day preceding the Math Teacher PD Seminar). MLN meetings are targeted at math coaches, specialists, administrators, department chairs, teacher leaders, and anyone else taking on a math leadership or instructional leadership role at the school or district level.

 MLN meetings address critical overarching topics of math leadership such as establishing and supporting a mathematical vision, models and strategies for coaching and supporting math teachers, getting the most out of classroom observations, and creating lasting, productive relationships with teachers, fellow leaders, and other stakeholders. For now, we are planning to host 2021-2022 MLN meetings virtually. We hope to return to in-person events very soon!

2021-2022 Math Leadership Network meetings will be held:

  • Tuesday, September 17th, 2021 (9-11am and 12-2pm)
  • Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 (9-11am and 12-2pm)
  • Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 (9-11am and 12-2pm)
  • Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 (9-11am and 12-2pm)