Benefits of Membership

The WestEd/SVMI Mathematics Network provides a variety of benefits for member schools and districts, from high-quality instructional and assessment tools to a variety of sustained mathematics learning events for teachers, leaders, coaches, and administrators.

Online Database of Performance Tasks, Assessments, and Coaching Tools

All teachers, leaders, and other instructional staff in member schools and districts have access to the Silicon Valley Math Initiative's extensive database of 800+ performance tasks for primary grades through high school, including rubrics, scored and unscored sample student work, and Spanish translations. Additional resources include Tools for Teachers packets with suggested lessons, historical assessment data, coaching tools and resources, and a bank of classroom video.

Academic Year Professional Development Seminars

Academic Year Professional Development Seminars are held intermittently throughout the school year to sustain and extend teacher learning as well as to support teachers and coaches in their implementation of high quality mathematics instruction. District teams of teachers and coaches are encouraged to attend the full set of school year seminars. At this time, we plan to host  2021-2022 Academic Year PD Seminars virtually.

Mathematics Leadership Network

The Mathematics Leadership Network provides a learning community for math coaches and teacher leaders from member districts in which they engage in learning activities designed to support their work with teachers, as well as having opportunities to network with coaches and leaders from member districts. In addition, school administrators are strongly encouraged to participate in the MLN in order to support quality mathematics instruction and improvement student learning. At this time, we plan to host 2021-2022 MLN meetings virtually.

Annual Summer Mathematics Institute

The Annual Summer Mathematics Institute is a multi-day workshop for coaches and their target teachers to come together to establish a coach-teacher relationship, enhance their mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge, and plan for the upcoming academic year. For more information as it becomes available, please visit our events pageThis year's Summer Math Institute will be conducted virtually.

MAC/MARS Assessments

Member districts participate in using the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative’sMathematics Assessment Collaborative annual assessment (MAC/MARS). In February, the MAC/MARS exam is distributed to member districts along with performance exam instructions. In March, students take the assessment and teachers work together to score them. In May, preliminary data from the performance exam is shared along with performance levels and individual student reports. In October, the MAC Final Report is discussed and shared with the member districts along with the annual Tools for Teachers document.

Professional Development Webinars

Professional development on the current year's MAC/MARS test is offered for new and experienced District Lead Scorers in order to prepare them to lead scoring sessions. Lead Scorers participate in training for the specific grade level(s) for which they will lead district-based scoring.

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“I felt that this professional development was invaluable. Taking the time to "do the math" was very meaningful and helped me understand the experiences the students have. It also helped me see how teachers use the work generated by the students to guide instruction. The presenters were phenomenal. They were helpful, thorough, and great sources of information.”

– Summer Institute participant